As a person interested in modern theatre and paintings, I was born in Puducherry on 11th april 1973. My school eduction is nothing but swetting palm memories. I got an opportunity to act in modern theatre plays when I was studying in 9th standard. I toured around many places in India as an actor. After my 12th standard I studied painting for 5 years in Bharathiar Palkalaikoodam, puducherry.
Realising my painting skill and creativity I started participating in many painting exhibitions. During my final year painting, while exhibiting my painting exhibitions in Progressive writers Association, Aliance Française, I used to start the exhibition by staging a play On the first day of every exhibition. By this, with minimum actors I staged “Blue”, “Polythene city”, “Initial Questions and Endless Answers”, “Ticket”, “Birth”, “One in One” like plays.

Few description about the above said plays.

  1. Blue
    A small rat from its mousetrap introduces the universal aspects to the world. At the same time, since the modernisation creates fake things that degrades the rat, it takes aways all its creation and returns back to its mousetrap.
  2. Polythene city
    Two youngsters from forest coming to the town for employment. Since the day of their arrival, they feel as if plastic engulps them. Detachment from everything, threatening fake Sun, Moon, Stars, they live lockedup with thier small TV. This play ends by the two youngsters returning to their moon in their forest; only in their dreams.
  3. Initial Questions and Endless Answers.
    Nature Enthusiacist goes to a forest. After some days he finds a very big fruit. He fixes a tent and starts his research there. From the very first day of his arrivael to the forest, one of the forest inmate started following him. The tribe wished to act as the researcher.
    But the researcher wished to remove his formal dress and roamed around like a tribal in the forest.
    One day the tribe finds rain of bones. animal bones. Felt upset. He falls down. Feels as if his own bones are also falling.
  4. Ticket
    A kid near a cinema theatre platform, has a cycle tyre. He could not enter the theatre, He shows interest in asking the opinion about the film from people coming out after each show. From them he collects the used tickets. If they feel happy after the cinema they show their happiness to him. Once a group of cinema audience after seeing an arrogant film their arrogance was expressed on that kid and that kills him. At the end of the play, only the tyre was there on the stage.
  5. Birth
    Abird was arrested by thunder and lightening for many days. A night long dream of a bird comes alive. One day as it remembers that specific day, comes out of its mother’s womb (egg) and start travelling with jypsies, travels with hunger; threatening huge huge images, unsable bizzare dance and dream ends with its legs tied to a huge iron ball by iron chains. Birs asks, Why to arrest the wind?
  6. One in One
    A person talking to himself, by holding a candle. Other person collects all that is possible and bulges heavily. unconsciously holding the candle upside down, in a rough voice talking loudly roams around. Both are friends. One who handling the flattering flame, Ends like the same.
    From that day onwards one who holds the candle casually talking to himself starts wrting; using the candle. Candle exhausts. He disappears in the dark.
    During 2007, I went to Tokyo to participate in one of my friends Play.